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Using the Website

1. Browsing the library

To browse our library, follow these steps:

2. Searching the library

To search for a specific title or an author in our library, follow these steps:

3. Logging in to your account

If you have an account on Layla Cultural Platform, you can log in as follows:

4. Signing up for a new account

If you don't have an account on Layla Cultural Platform, you can create an account as follows:

5. Changing your account password

To change the password you use to login:

6. Changing your system notifications

We contact you regularly to notify you of new books that we add to the library, new or blog entries, and any major event we think you would be interested in knowing. You can change how and when we notify you by following these steps:

7. Registering as an Author

Not all members are authors. When you first create an account with us, you are registered as a regular member. You can do everything a member can do, except publishing books. If you want to publish books with us, you will need to register yourself as an author. In order to register as an author:

8. Using your Author Hub

As an author, you will be spending most of your time on your Author Hub. The Author Hub is the central place where you publish your books, manage your published books, broadcast a message to your followers, and much more.
Here is what you can do in your Author Hub:

9. Using the Download Queue

We know that you probably have more than one device, and that you want to read your books on all of them. This is why we provided to you the Download Queue. The idea is simple: when you are browsing the library and you find a book you want to download, you click on the link on the side of the page that says: Get the Book. What happens next is that we add the book to your Download Queue. Later on, you can log in from any mobile or tablet and choose to download the books in your Download Queue to that device. You can repeat this process as many times as you want, on any number of devices.
To see what books are in your Download Queue, and to remove books from your Download Queue, follow these steps:

10. Using the Mailbox

As a member, you can send a message to any registered author on the platform. When they respond to your message, they will send you the response in your message inbox. You can reply to their response, and so on.
As an author, you receive messages from your followers and other members of the platform. You can read those messages and reply to them from your message mailbox.
As such, there are two types of message mailboxes on our platform: The member mailbox is accessible to any registered member. The author mailbox, on the other hand, is accessible only to registered authors. If you want to know how to register yourself as an author, refer to section 7 above.
To access your mailbox(es), follow these steps: